EasyEx Sharpener

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Exceptional Review!

If I diagnose just one restoration sooner than later, it's paid for itself. I ordered the EasyEx™. It arrived yesterday (batteries included!), and I went to work on my dull explorers. It works! It's easy and it's quick!...[Read More]

– The Dental Warrior

"This is an amazing invention and a great time saver. I can do in 3 seconds what would take me 4-5 minutes with hand sharpening stones"

– Tom Weinrich, DDS

"The most often used and least maintained instrument in my instrument arsenal is the dental explorer. After using the EasyEx™ and feeling the difference between the sharpened end and my dull end, I'm embarrassed to say the difference is astounding!"

– Steve Abbot, DDS

"There is nothing like a new explorer for detecting calculus and caries. The EasyEx™ makes my explorers feel as sharp as new with a minimum of effort. I recommend the EasyEx™!"

– Karen Thurn-Wasson, RDH

Just 3 Very Easy

  1. Switch the EasyEx™ on.
  2. Insert a STERILIZED explorer tip JUST INSIDE the hole on the nose cone with the tip perpendicular to the hole.
  3. With LIGHT FINGERS slowly twist the EasyEx™ back and forth. Your explorer will be resharpened in 2-3 seconds!

A Must have For Dentists and Hygienists

"Dentists and hygienists rely on sharp explorers, just as a chef requires a sharp knife.

Although most dentists and hygienists understand that a sharpened explorer is significantly more effective at finding caries, we simply do not keep our explorers as sharp as we should. Using flat stones to sharpen explorers or buying new ones are time consuming and expensive options. Because of this, I designed the EasyEx Sharpener to efficiently get the job done and improve diagnostic results.

Improving caries detection raises the office production such that our customers have told us that the cost of the unit is quickly returned!"

- Tony Jewett, DDS

A Must have For Dentists and Hygienists

Sterilizing The EasyEX ™

  1. Simply remove the round silver cap with a fingernail or small instrument.
  2. Grasp and remove the circular sharpening stone with cotton pliers.
  3. Sterilize these two parts.
  4. Reinstall the stone unit over the shaft in the sharpener and replace the cap.
  5. Wipe the unit down with disinfectant wipes. DO NOT HEAT STERILIZE THE UNIT.